National French Exam (Le Grand Concours)
Every year, I am honored to have my students take the National French Exam in late February or early March.  I will provide a study guide for each level of the test that students can fill out and use to study for the test.  I will also hold several study sessions after school so that students can take practice tests.  

This year, I will be able to award scholarships to a certain number of students who will then be able to take the test for free.  Any student who wants may take the test, even if I do not select them for a scholarship.  The cost of taking the test if you are not selected is $7.50, due by January 16th, 2015.  

The National French Exam is 70-75 questions, all multiple choice.  Half is based on listening, and half is based on reading (including grammar, such as choosing the right conjugation of a verb to go in a sentence).  

In the past, Rogers students have done well on the exam, scoring in the top 20 in the state and sometimes ranking nationally.  I look forward to students' success this year!