French Club/French Honor Society
French Club meets after school the first and third Thursday of every month in Mme Parker's room, D103.  French Club dues are $7 (to cover the cost of party supplies and other activity resources).  French Club t-shirts are $13.  

The National French Honor Society will induct its first members in Fall 2014, with a second ceremony in Spring 2015 (all future inductions will occur in spring only).  

Membership requirements:  Inductees into the Société Honoraire Français must be in the fourth semester of French (French II, second semester).  Inductees must have at least an A- average in French and a B- average overall (not counting French).  Membership in the SHF (if selected) is $3.00, and the student will remain a member as long as s/he is a secondary school student.  More information on the SHF is available here.