Scholarship List and Additional Application Files

Scholarship List Instructions:

Please read the scholarship list (above) each week.

You must talk to Mrs. Whitson to apply for a Community Scholarship!
If you do not APPLY for community scholarships, Mrs. Whitson will not submit your application. Only Seniors who completed the Community Scholarship Application are eligible.

If the published criteria fits you, please apply!
The "Additional Requirements" column explains what to do. If it says "See Scholarship Coordinator" you must see Mrs. Whitson to apply!

If the "Additional Requirements" column states "Apply Online"
there will be a website provided. You can apply for these National, State, and College scholarships on your own. 
If you have questions, please see Mrs. Whitson.

If you would like to receive emails from the scholarship office,
please email Mrs. Whitson at

If you would like to receive text message notification from the scholarship office, sign up for Remind 101!

Enter (479) 431-4249 or 81010
Class of 2018 - text this message: @cd12a9
Class of 2019 - text this message: @315f4
Class of 2020 - text this message: @dhb43k
Class of 2021 - text this message: @ffbbe3d