Counseling Links

Arkansas Works

 A helpful website to help students learn about themselves in order to better make lifelong decisions and goals.

College Navigator

A fantastic website that allows the search of the nations colleges to find costs, majors, crime statistics and so much more.

Every student wishing to play sports at an NCAA institution must start here!

Real Life Arkansas

Great site to educate students about how much it costs to live a certain lifestyle and what careers will give them that income.

You Can Go by College Board

A website that guides the student through the process of preparing for,and applying for colleges and scholarships. Made by College Board, the same company that make the AP tests.
ALPFA provides many programs and benefits to aspiring Latino students interested in accounting, finance or related career professions.Benefits of student membership Include access to scholarship opportunities, skills development workshops, networking with key hiring professionals and sponsors, and discounts on various ALPFA events.
Scholarships for Hispanics
This site provides information on scholarship opportunities for deserving Latino students, as well as offering a broad range of outreach and educational programming to help students and their families navigate through the rigors of college life.

Latino College Dollars

Provides a search engine for scholarships that are right for you.

MALDEF Scholarships

     Excelencia in Education

     Information on Latino educational success.

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Identifies,inspires, promotes and prepares Latino leaders through national leadership, cultural, educational and workplace programs.

Hispanic Women's Organization of Arkansas

HWOAengages in activities that reflect our mission to advance educational opportunities for Hispanic women and their families, to celebrate and teach others about our cultures, and to become active participants in the community. Open to men as well as women, and Spanish speaking is not necessary.

National Council of La Raza
The largest national Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States. NCLR works to improve opportunities for Hispanic Americans.

Arkansas Challenge Scholarship
Youniversal application
provides essential Scholarship and Financial Aid Resources to students preparing for all types of careers. From the arts to aviation to education, we highlight the latest financial aid opportunities for students
Suicide help, Abuse, Bullying- we have resources to help you here.

National Suicide Prevention lifeline

MTV helps with Cyber Bullying

MTV sponsors this site helping young people understand what cyber bullying is, and what the consequences can be.

Reporting Child Abuse

This is where to call to report child abuse. Come to the counselors for help, please!
Please come to the counselors for help, but here is a link with other people that can help too.
Test Preparation Links
A quick test that takes around 30 minutes to evaluate strengths and weaknesses on ACT and SAT


A free website for ACT and SAT preparation designed by the US Military for soldiers returning from duty that needed help preparing for these tests after some years out of school. Up to seven free ACT and SAT tests can be found here.

Created by university professors and graduate students to offer test prep for standardized tests
Scholarship Search Site!
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